Petitioners accused of stealing evidence

Petitioners involved in the on-going election petition hearing at the Supreme Court were on Tuesday accused by the Electoral Commission of stealing a material that is not in the public domain. During his cross examination, lead counsel for the petitioners Phillip Addison showed four different temper bags Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan to identify them.

Dr. Afari-Gyan told the court the documents might have been stolen since they are still not in the public domain. But Mr. Addison said the accusation is not of any significant importance and what the EC should be addressing their mind to is the substance before them.  He said many authorities who have spoken on the matter of sources of evidence have made their case stating that the manner in which evidence was obtained did not matter.

The sitting was forced to be adjourned when lawyers of the various respondents, once again, stated the numbers of pink sheets before them, which are now a subject of auditing by accounting firm KPMG, do not add up to the numbers. But Mr. Addison said “each and everyone of them has been filed to this court.”

“The pink sheets that Tsikata confronted Dr. Bawumia with none of them have been captured by the KPMG report. I thought we are here for justice and the truth,” he said.

“These technicalities that are being raised are unfortunate. And we have said that the main problem is that the original work was done by hand but we found out that it will be quicker to use computer,” he again said.

But Tsatsu Tsikata said the exhibits his learned friend was seeking to tender before the witness (Dr. Afari Gyan) and in the possession of the registry have not been stamped.

“We are suggesting that the pink sheets that are being introduced were not filed and we are not taking it lightly- The exhibits you have is completely different. So our position is different.

Later the various spokespersons spoke to the media, highlighting the issues for the day. Nana Ato Dadzie, who speaks for the respondents, said Phillip Addison was given a tough time by Dr. Afari-Gyan during the cross examination.

Spokesperson for the petitioners, Gloria Akufo, also told journalists the numbers of pink sheets submitted to the court registry are up to the numbers and the final report from KPMG will vindicate their position.

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