Yuletide and road accidents

Somewhere last month, a colleague was fuming at a driver of a commercial vehicle who bumped into the side of his car nearly breaking the front lights. For nearly ten minutes the two engaged in a shouting bout and as they traded insults at each other, I flipped through my mobile phone to read a message a colleague had posted on our Whatsapp platform. It read “An accident on the Tema motorway. A lot of people have died.” I was left dumbfounded. Certainly not again, I kept saying to myself. Within a flash, pictures, number of injuries and deaths poured onto the platform. But how did the accident happen? I kept asking myself.

typical day in a man's life-

typical day in a man’s life-

Most messages for the festive season have elements of call for motorists to be careful on the road. They are reminded to show respect to other road users and not go beyond speed limit. But what do we see? Almost everyone on the road -trotros, taxis, pedestrians – is in a hurry to get to their destination. I wonder if they set off early.
I am yet to hear or read about the number of road accidents for 2014, but from what I already know, almost every part of the country recorded accidents where there were loss of lives. It is a major concern. I believe it’s not about the number of deaths. For every life that is lost on the road, the effect is dire not only for families but for the entire country. Ever wondered how many entrepreneurs we may have lost due to the recklessness on the roads? Or the number of motivational speakers, career and guidance experts whose contributions would have impacted positively on our society but are no more because of road accidents?

It appears discipline on our roads has been thrown to the dogs and people are just doing what they like-it is depressing, to say the least. Why is it so difficult for people to have a sense of order on the road? I often ask myself this but well, I’m yet to find the right answers. What I can however say is that if you are #madeofblack and have got something to contribute to the society, you exhibit a lot of care on the road. You are mindful of your actions and inactions. The cat, we are told, has nine lives but the human has just one. Cherish it, make each day count and live to fulfill your potential on earth.

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