Nana Ohene Ntow, and not the delegates, let Alan Kyerematen down

Dear Nana Ohene Ntow,

I greet you from the back of a public KVIP in my area. Hope all is well. Now that the contest is over, I guess you are having a good rest. You deserve it. Roaming around the entire country trying to convince delegates, whose votes you did not get, in itself is tiring so please get some rest.

Unfortunately, it does not look like you want to rest. You have been back on the radio speaking about the post electoral defeat of your boss, Alan Kyerematen, in the race to elect a flagbearer. There were those who knew he was going to lose but the manner of the defeat is what people are still grappling with. It was a heavy defeat and one that could send your candidate into a phantasmagoric state. But I hear he has accepted the outcome in his belly and is looking forward to the future.

Sadly, you, as his spokesperson, are yet to come to terms with the defeat. You appear to be in a dilemma and are struggling to accept the outcome of the race. I remember your boss said, on the night of the declaration, that he accepts the outcome of the results and will be “bringing his team” to work with Nana Akufo Addo to work for victory in 2016.

But then I heard you on some radio stations on Monday morning trying to question the outcome of the results. You are entitled to your opinion, however; I think that very same ‘opinion’ makes complete crap of your boss’s declaration that he is going to work together with his political opponent to secure victory in 2016.

He did more harm to the campaign than good

He did more harm to the campaign than good

I personally think that YOU, and not the delegates, let Alan Kyerematen down. As his spokesperson, you did not sell the man well enough or convincingly enough. Ahead of the competition, I heard you running riot on several radio stations-talking incessantly about the opponents instead of selling Mr. Kyerematen as the best flag bearer. I don’t have your education or experience in the field of communication but I don’t think you spent enough time selling your boss in a good light.

You spent most of your time talking more about his opponents and whatever negatives or “communist inferior tactics” you thought they had employed to undermine the campaign from your side. Huffing and puffing about allegations and perceived conspiracy theories put in place to frustrate your boss from becoming the leader of the party was no brainer.

As somebody with a strong communication background, most people expected you to have brought your considerable expertise on board and sold the candidate well, for example talking about specific things he told delegates and what his ideas and plans would be should he become the NPP flag bearer, but you did not. Instead you adopted a rather poor strategy which deflated his chances and inflated those of his opponents.

Alan Kyerematen

Mr. Kyerematen responding to cheers from party supporters during his rounds to solicit votes to enable him become the flagbearer of the NPP.

I remember hearing your boss on the radio and he talked about running a “decent” campaign. He was very measured with even responses to comments that sought to question his commitment to the party, including claims that he abandoned the campaign in 2012 in search of lucrative contracts abroad. Then a day after his interview, I heard you on a radio station pouring invectives onto the opposite camp and I thought it was a complete departure from the posture your boss represented. It was crass to say the least. You did not distinguish yourself, Nana. You did not.

Now that the contest is over I expected you to adopt a conciliatory tone, like your boss, move on and put the past behind you. Instead, you are making claims that some people vehemently protested against a decision to deploy Alan Kyerematen to campaign for the party in the Ashanti Region.

I heard you on Joy FM and I thought that was in extremely poor taste. Even some of your own party executives, previously perceived as working against the interest of your flag bearer, now appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet, so why can’t you do the same?

Nana, if you have nothing good to say just don’t say anything at all. Though your boss lost the elections, I have a feeling he may want to stage a comeback in the future. And it is important that you refrain from saying things that might put him in the delegates’ bad books. It will not augur well for him. Maybe you are more interested in your paycheck but please spare a thought and remember that he is nursing a bigger ambition that could inure to your own benefit. Don’t ruin that for him. Don’t cause the delegates to hate him, please.

It is important that you refrain from speaking further. Especially as an experienced communicator who must surely know the right time to speak and when not to. Like the Bible says ‘… we are allowed to do everything but not all is expedient”.
Please adhere to that principle and it shall be well with your political life.
Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “Nana Ohene Ntow, and not the delegates, let Alan Kyerematen down

  1. Frank

    Anny, the man called Ohene Ntow needs to pay you “heavily” for this free wisdom you have freely dashed out to him. He has lost every bit of respect from discerning minds. As a former party leader, he clearly exhibited in his talks, that he was embarking on hate campaign rather than political campaign. What is more, after all has come to an end, his inherent hatred spirit doesn’t allow him to comprehend the present let alone to comprehend the past. Well, now you have offered him free wisdom. If he is sane, let him swallow it!

  2. Mawuena

    I like your down-to-earth and commonsensical approach to writing. You always keep your readers thrilled to excitement like a two-tailed cat that found the cream…with Pavlovian-dog excitement to boot.

  3. Egya Adam

    Not only Nana Ohene Brow but all those who were speaking for chief Alan,and he (Alan) must also take the chunk of the blame by not calling them to order,maybe he was comfortable with was happening.


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