Dear Queen Elizabeth

I hope you are doing well. This is the first time I’m writing to your office, since you became the head of the British throne.
I have been following, keenly, the happenings back in your country with respect to an impending referendum by Scotland to either break away or stay with the union. The debate from both sides is very interesting, to say the least.

From the many news reports I have been reading, especially on the BBC, it appears both the YES and NO campaigners are gaining significant grounds; it could go either way.

the YES/NO campaign messages come in different forms

the YES/NO campaign messages come in different forms

I know that your heart is for a NO vote, which is not surprising. Scotland leaving the union could set a bad precedent for others like Wales, Ireland and those in faraway continents to demand independence. I’ll be worried, if I were in your flat shoes.
But I have some good news for you, Lizzy. Ghana is ready to replace Scotland, yes we ARE. We want you back!
I’m a young man from Prampram, a small village on the east of the Ghanaian capital, Accra. My parents are not royals, nor politicians. My late mother was a kenkey seller (she never priced in dollars, though) and during her lifetime, I assisted her.
She never went to school but understood basic economics and the hardships in the country. She knew about your coming to Ghana when Kwame Nkrumah, without any prompting, decided to disengage the country from your throne. As a young woman in the Gold Coast, she felt unhappy because her views were not sought by Nkrumah or any of his inner circles.

I stand in her name and others of my generation who feel this country needs a return to you. Our so-called leaders have dragged this country into a mess-Ghana is now a basket case of jokes.

Since breaking free from your care more than 50 years ago, the country has continued to retrogress. Almost everything has come to a standstill; education, service delivery, governance etc, nothing appears to be working.

Our roads are not only bad but they are littered with fat holes. It is a miracle to drive either in a private car or trotro on any of the roads without running into a ‘pot-well’. It is a sorry state!

Power supply is not only erratic but the managers have no clue. The mess is legendary. There are more promises of fixing the problems than actual work being done to address the situation. I’m even struggling in the dark typing out this letter. Everything is ‘basaaa’ in the country.

The Ghana you left behind is no longer the pride of Africa. Incompetent leadership has eroded every single pride that you bequeathed to this country before you left. The leadership is more interested in grabbing wealth, instead of creating one. There is no sense of direction, Lizzy, none.

Come and see characters who four or so years ago were struggling to feed suddenly become millionaires. And they flaunt the wealth right before everyone. Ghana is being raped without mercy.
The price of everything in the country has gone up; food, water and the popular akpeteshie(a local gin), which is the toast of those within the lower ladder has seen exponential rise.

Madam Elizabeth, Ghana is in a mess. Most Ghanaians are becoming despondent on daily basis, contrary to promises things will be better. It is on their behalf that I write this letter pleading for you to come and take back Ghana.
I’m on my knees begging you to allow Scotland to leave. Ghana is ready to replace them. We have discovered oil but the revenue has not brought anything special to the ordinary people.

the writing should be on the way to the Queen in England

the writing should be on the way to the Queen in England

The gold, cocoa, timber, bauxite and other resources are still there and so you will not lack raw material to change the fortunes of the economy. We have everything.

As for education the least said about it the better, because everything has been turned into a propaganda machine. There are shambolic schools being built on billboards instead of on the grounds, quality teachers are refusing to work for the state due to poor working conditions.

Just recently, the exams council in the sub-region released results and, unsurprisingly, our children woefully failed. Instead of admitting the poor results and the need to fix the problem, government propagandists were running after radio station to the other justifying the mess. It is sickening.

Ghanaians used to be highly educated and smart but the situation is not the same. Majority of the population has become a ‘chew, pour-pass’ nation. Students at the tertiary institutions no longer think creatively. They’ll rather scheme and get grades so they can complete school and join a political bus, instead of using their brains to help solve the mess Ghana finds herself in.

It is not my intention to bore you with long letter but I’m just pleading with you to return. Please come back and take Ghana so I can, at least, enjoy constant flow of water, electricity and drive on good roads.
What I have now is like walking right through the doors of hell. There is no hope.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours frustrated man

14 thoughts on “Dear Queen Elizabeth

  1. Conrad

    lovely piece I wonder if Lizzy (I share the same birthday with her anyway) will be interested to help. After all we told her we capable of managing our own affairs!
    And her children and grandchildren may not be interested either to take u back. Can you pls make same request to the Chinese…they will!

  2. Yaw Asamoah

    Bro God bless you for reechoing the cries of the ordinary Ghanaian, and if help don’t come early these people called politician will sell our beloved nation.

  3. Quarmi Dartison

    Anny, i will disagree on this call to replace Scotland in Britain thinking when we join them everything will be ok and Gh will become a paradise or utopia, the problems we are facing today on my side i will divide into two.
    1. The first part of the issue is what u addressed in ur letter to the Queen (leadership crisis or better still lack of leaders) this contribute 40% to the problems we face in the country now. As Sarkodie said in his free press song “after Kwame Nkrumah we are proud of nothing else”, that is a big worry.

    2. The biggest part of the issue which u failed to mention in ur letter which is the major part of the country’s predicaments is ‘the attitude of its citizens’ which also contribute 60% to our woes, i think in every crime there should be a victim and a culprit which also known as ‘the doer and the dowee’ what am saying is that, the issues we are facing, littering, corruption, power, open defecation etc. these things are crime mostly perpetrated by the citizens and by so doing inflicting so much pain on themselves. the stealing of power, with corruption and bribery the citizens will pull out the cash to bribe their through they are even told to do so when they are caught at the wrong side of the law. On filth and littering ask your self how many politicians are in the country and much refuse they create and contrast it with the people walking littering the streets. food for thought.
    so we can join the UK but we will still remain where we are if we don’t change our attitudes as a people. Thanks

  4. Anna Akua Appiahnimaa Akomeah

    I pray the queen hears our cry and come to our aid, proud of u anny Osabutey, let’s keep on fighting for a good and corruption free Ghana.

    1. Fiifi

      Anny, thank you very much for your letter to the Queen. It would interest you to know I have held the same opinion as the only way out of our miserable self-inflicted circumstances. Typically, I get a very passionate reaction from my friends which is usually based on empty egoism.

      I am very convinced that, as a people we have proven beyond every possible doubt that we are not capable of managing any aspect of our lives. We have very well succeeded in mismanaging every single thing from education, health, sports, sanitation, utilities, etc. After over 57 yrs of independence and upon training several technical professionals from KNUST we have almost every aspect of major road and building construction in the country undertaken by Chinese and other foreigners. When we discovered oil after so many years of prospecting we aimlessly handed it over to foreign companies to extract and all we get is about 10% or so and we seem to be so comfortable with such arrangement. We have no strategic plan of taking over that project anytime in the future. We have just mismanaged our economy so terribly and have run to the IMF. We just sacked our football coach and out of over 25 mil people we could not find a replacement and we have had to look outside for one. With all these and many other occurrences that clearly show our incapability I wonder why anyone would be against inviting our colonial masters to come take over once again and save us from further embarrassment. I am all the way with you. I hope the Queen sees reason in your request and come to save us for we are perishing.


  5. ibrahim

    Hahahahaha, Anny interesting letter I guess maa Lizy will be laughing her head off, but I hope and pray that the no vote win.

  6. Rockson Adu Boahen

    I love this piece, Anny you never seize to amaze me, this reminds me of that young man who slammed the phone in front of the hall at Valco and would not listen to advice, it takes people like you to put them in their right place, handlers of this country must listen. Thanks man.

  7. Richard Sena

    Anny u are great . I love this piece. besides I heard the interview u granted on BBC and u spoke the ordinary man ‘s language.
    Good work. keep it up

  8. Senanu Funu

    Hahaha @Anny I think this piece is one two much, outstandingly interesting, but do You think Prince Charles and the younger ones will want a rebellious country of 57 years old back?
    They would just say we needed their help and we are calling for it, but like someone suggested let’s send a copy to either China or to be more ruled with strict rules why don’t we look to South or North Korea choose one, not to malign the United States of America the power hub of ……. what ever. but overall I agree with You totally.

  9. Asamoah Frank

    Anny,well said and scripted…obaa lizzy pleade replace scotland with ghana..I nope it will happen as u’ve written:ungodly,greedy,incompitent,visionless leaders

  10. Audrey Forson

    Anny Osabutey thank you for telling the world the realities of life for the people of Ghana!!!!!
    The propaganda, the insults, the lies, the blame game and corruption are all gradually getting out hand. I often ask myself if we were indeed ready for independence 57 years back? And the response is apparent!
    I must say it’s refreshing to know there are still some journalists who haven’t been bought! We need to stand up for ourselves. God help us!


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