Congrats, Queen Elizabeth

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I want to congratulate you on the outcome of the referendum in Scotland. It must be a huge relief for you and majority of your subjects in the whole of the United Kingdom. I guess the wine glasses are being prepared for a lovely dinner tonight?

Even listening to the radio on my mobile phone, thanks to the excellent work of our government to deny me electricity though I have fulfilled my obligation to them, I could tell the cloud of uncertainty that hovered around Buckingham Palace. You could not only afford to lose your influence in Scotland, but the luxurious vacation homes. The people saw that and rewarded you with a NO vote. That calls for a celebration, Lizzy. A gargantuan one.

Unfortunately, the NO vote rather ruined my joy, as I was looking forward to a massive YES response from the nationalists. Like I told you in the first letter days before the referendum, majority of Ghanaians were ready to replace Scotland. Their hopes have been deflated.

These Scottish people, I mean those who voted NO, have ruined my dream. I was looking forward to becoming your subject, but that is no longer possible. I’m depressed. They are very wicked and inconsiderate to the plight of a poor nation like Ghana, whose leaders live in affluence at the expense of the hungry lots. How come they did not consider that before casting their ballot? They are self-centred people.

Campaigners for No Vote could not hide their joy, as they celebrated all around

Campaigners for No Vote could not hide their joy, as they celebrated all around

I now look like an orphan condemned to the anchor of a sinking ship. How I wish I could turn back the hand of time. But it is too late in the day. The door has been shut for good!

Being part of the union would have been a dream come true and an answer to decades of prayer. I just have to swallow my hurt and continue walking.I have had the opportunity to speak to most people here in Ghana who kept vigil hoping that Scottish people will do the brave thing and break free from your crown. But the cowards among them developed cold feet and chickened out at the last minute. Pathetic!

Alex Salmond in deep thoughts after the YES vote was rejected by most Scotts

Alex Salmond in deep thoughts after the YES vote was rejected by most Scotts

They should have been brave like warriors and followed Alex Salmond, the independent nationalist, to say “TO HELL WITH THE UNION AND THE CROWN – WE ARE READY TO TAKE OUR DESTINY INTO OUR OWN HANDS.”

Lizzy, did you threaten those YES vote campaigners of being stopped from using the pound and that somewhat changed the outcome? I thought you were to remain neutral and so how come the more than fifty per cent NO votes?
Do you know the implications of what the NO vote means for the future of my country? Not only can we not join the union but the opportunity to rescue this country from a sinking ship has been lost by the current generation.

What the outcome means is that the current energy problems, which have gotten worse, will further ground businesses. Not that they are not already suffering but even those who have the capacity will now fold up. People will further lose their jobs and the telling effect will be dire to those of us not part of the ‘CREATE, LOOT, SHARE and later CRY’ brigade.

I do not intend to write much because I’m heartbroken. Is there no way we can tag along the union? We just want to be referred to as “Subjects of Britain”. It offers enough pride than me running around and foolishly beating my chest as coming from Ghana-the Pride of Africa. Even hope, which offers and escape route to the existing misery, has become a bullet inside our throat. It no longer makes sense to us.

Though I have described those who voted NO as cowards, I have a strong feeling they did Alex Salmond and his followers a favour. At least current conditions in my country have shown that there is no pride in being independent. It creates opportunity for few dinosaurs to plunder the state kitty, while the rest of us watch with pain.

It is therefore heartwarming that Alex accepted defeat. He should be happy because a burden has been taken off his shoulders. He should swallow his pride and move on. There is no honour in being a liberationist especially when your name will be dragged through the rocky road in the future. Generations will blame you for their difficult situations. Ask the children of Kwame Nkrumah.

Get a good whisky, sip and enjoy the pound. There is weight in that currency. It may look odd today but the coming years will show it was a good decision, despite my reservations about the outcome.
Lizzy, I wish you and the people of Scotland well. I pray you honour the many promises to them but please do not forget that a former colony you left behind is bleeding to death. Help save her and she will be ready to sing “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.”

Sincerely Yours,

A desperate British subject in waiting.

One thought on “Congrats, Queen Elizabeth

  1. Senanu Funu

    Mr. Osabutey, you never cease to surprise, You have proved yourself a great journalist, kudos…… I heard Alex Salmond has resigned that sounded interesting. In Ghana as You know even if You are caught red handed you’ll rather be given a promotion in your stealing agenda, and that is why we are still where we are.
    ECG has given me light out, 4 consecutive times today, my battery is low. Nice one.


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